February 17, 2013

Butterflies and Birthdays

This is the card I made for my dear friend, Maxine.  She called after she got it to thank me and was really impressed with my so called talent...LOL....I do have to admit, I did like it once it was all done.

Anyway, I'm posting 4 images of it...this first image is of the card front.  Again, I made this all in the Silhouette Studio Designer edition and the paper was imported and then cut to the shapes and sizes for the card.

The paper is from Authentique and the collection is called, Fresh...I love the softness of the colors!

The ribbon is from Celebrate It and I purchased it from Michaels.  The pearls and rhinestones came from Want2Scrap.  All the shapes came from the Silhouette Online store and my 'stitching' was done with a white gel pen.  The butterflies were printed and cut twice and then glued together for dimention and everything was sponged with blue chalk ink that I bought from My Craft Channel.

This next image is the inside of the card.

I got the sentiment off a greeting card site but can't remember the web address.

And this next two images are my pride and joy!  I finally figured out how to make a cut file for the envelope to fit these cards.  The card above is 4.75 x 6.75 and the envelope is 5 x 7 with a depth of 1/4 inch.  This way, the bulky card doesn't get 'smashed' into an envelope and it protects it during the mailing process.  It's cut out of a 12 x 12 sheet of cardstock and then I print and cut a liner for the inside.  Glued together with score tape and its finished.  I didn't decorated the outside but the next time I plan on doing that to match the card.

This first image is to show the 'depth' of the envelope and the second image shows the card inside of the envelope all ready to be sealed and mailed.  This ups my postage to $1.12 per card but it ensures that the recipient  receives their card in excellent shape.  I know some folks complain about having to pay more for postage but after working on a card for a full day I don't hesitate to pay the extra!

This is my favorite size card to make but I plan on making a cut file for the smaller cards too. 

Hope you enjoy this one!

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  1. That's one beautiful card and envelope. What a job you did on this.The envelope is a great idea.
    Is this all your ideas or did you pattern the card and envelope by one you saw? I would never come up with ideas like this.

  2. Nope, this one is my idea....I just laid the paper out until I came up with something I liked. The envelope was a creation of necessity cause I couldn't find any cut file like it. I could find cut files for smaller cards but not ones that had any depth to them. I had viewed a video for one that had depth but it was only for the A2 cards and it was cutting by hand and then hand scoring...I wanted one for my 5 x 7 cards and wanted it to be cut and scored by the Silhouette. I run the score lines through first and set my blade down to 1 and then run it again with the cut lines and set my blade to 3...thus my score lines aren't quite as deep. They still show but not as bad as they would if they were cut on the setting of 3.

    I'm still waiting on that damn paper from Etsy....grrrrrrrrr.....going to go for my walk and hope it comes in as I want to deliver this to him this afternoon!



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