February 14, 2013

Tractor Birthday for Boys or Men

Tracer is really big into tractors....he can tell you the models of most all of them when he sees one on the road.  It won't surprise me if he ends up being a farmer.

This whole card was designed and cut with the Silhouette.  The tractor came from the online store and was made by Cali Arroyo.  The button came from Teresa Collings, Every Day Moments.  Same with the twine.
The paper was from Teresa Colllings Every Day Moments and imported into Studio to fill the shapes. I've completely forgot where the celeron and green paper came from but will post when I remember.

Off for my walk!

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  1. Great looking card,Mary.
    The tractor wheels even look like they have been out in the fields.
    Tracer will love this.

  2. LOL...I think he liked the moo-la in the inside best but considering he's only 9, I guess that would be par for the course....LOL


  3. Aww this is adorable. My dad is a farmer. He still farms at 75. I loved the farm. He even drives only green tractors. Great card for a tractor lovin kid.

  4. Thank you, Dawn....it was really fun to put together, knowing that Tracer would get a kick out of it.



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