February 23, 2013

Time Flies Birthday Card

Whew.....I think I'm caught up posting the projects I did before Valentines day....have another almost finished and need to start one tomorrow and then all I have left to do before March is Mom's birthday card.  Then in March, I have to make favors for a wedding, do Gavin's birthday stuff and do my TAXES!  Yuk.....I can handle the first two things but I hate doing taxes!

This card was made for my wonderful son-in-law....I designed this in SSDE.  The Time flies label and the numbers patterned paper came from the Online store and the paper was by Glitz design.  They have some really cool papers and I've purchased quite a few of them.  The twine is just some from my stash, which reminds me that I need to find some more as my stash is getting slim.  I cut the letters out on the Silhouette twice and doubled them up to give them more of a chipboard elements feel.  I have a Quickie Glue pen and it works great for those little delicate elements.  The buttons came from Wally World.....I can't get great stuff from their craft section but I can get the basic stuff.  I'd give anything to have a Michaels or JoAnn's close by...well, maybe not...I'd be broke all the time...LOL

When I decided on the design for this card, I knew I wanted to use numbers and didn't think I had anything like that, so I went in search on Etsy (my favorite spot to find digital paper) and found some I liked a lot because his age was one of the numbers in the paper and I was going to put a circle of some kind on that number...but, as always, the file didn't come to me until Monday and I HAD to finish and deliver the card on Sunday...story of my life, always a day late!  I ordered some other paper that I just liked and it came to me instantly but not the one I REALLY needed.

I've worked all afternoon on a box for my 5 x 7 cards....every time I sent it to the cutter, thinking I had it figured out, it would be just a tad off, or I forgot to add the half circles to make it easier to open, or I forgot to add all the score lines or.....you got the drift, right?  I did finally get it all done and it fits like a glove.  Most of the time, I can keep my card 'depth' to 1/4 of a inch but when I add flowers, it seems to jump the 'depth' up to 1/2 inch or more and they don't fit in my 1/4 envelope or any envelope, for that matter.  So...I decided I needed a card box and set about to make one.  I learned a few new things in Studio but probably can't remember how I did them when I want to do it again...LOL...at least, this box file has been saved!

We ended up with 7.2 inches of snow and they are calling for 8 to 10 coming in late tomorrow night...I LOVE snow!  Especially, the really deep kind!  

Sorry, I'm rambling!


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