February 21, 2013

The last of the Valentines!

These next three images are the Valentine treats I sent up to the kids in the north.  This first one is the purse I made for Bella and Amanda and they each got a notepad and pen, a little felt animal sewing kit and a chocolate bar.  It fit nice and snug but I had to take the sewing kit out of its original packaging in order to get it in the purse.  The purse is a cut file by Samantha Walker and was not the easiest to put together.  I don't have any glue that dries super quick and you have to shape the round top and glue these little glue tabs all around it....my patience wore a little bit thin...LOL...

Anyway, I imported the paper to SSDE (Silhouette Studio Designer Edition) and then filled my shapes and sent it to print and cut.  Glued it all together and then cut the lace heart and smaller hearts and layered them together and added glitter to the top heart.  If I did it again, I'd have made the white handle red but again, I was running out of time.  The ribbon is just some I picked up at Wal-Mart.  The patterned paper is by Sassy Designs.

You've seen this next image but I wanted to post it again so you could see how cute the little girl monkey is with her bow in her hair.  I added liquid pearl to the bow.

And, last but not least....a bag tag for my little man....the bag held some little play vehicles.  The Valentine monster cut came from the Silhouette Online store and was designed by Jennifer Wambach.  The digital paper is from Sassy Designs.  The googles eyes are some I've had forever in my stash. 

We are in a super bad snowstorm....it started in KC at 7:00 this morning and they've already picked up 8 inches and expect at least 10 to 12 inches.  It's just now starting here and accumulating quickly....when I started writing this post, it wasn't doing a thing and now (45 mins. later) the ground is starting to get white and the wind is howling!  We are expecting 8 to 10 before it quits.  And then, super cold for the whole weekend.  Looks like a good time to stay in and enjoy a movie or two!  I got out early this morning and did the weekly grocery shopping, so we won't have to get out for that.  Schools, state offices and other businesses closed this morning before it had even started snowing, all over central to north Missouri.  Our channel nine and channel five stations (both KC stations) have not even left the news for regular broadcast stations.  They have just stayed reporting..I didn't even get to watch my Good Morning America!  Just heard that most all major interstates in KC are now closed down and the plows can't move because there are so many stuck vehicles on the highways...what a mess!

I hope its run out of steam before it gets to you!

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  1. Love that little purse Just adorable. It's all adorable and you do such good work.

    Hope it runs out of steam too and glad you aren't out driving in it.

  2. We fared a lot better than KC did for snowfall...I'd say we only got a few inches, hard to tell cause the wind blew so hard but the driveway only had a little on it and the back deck had next to none...the front yard got the most since the wind blew out of the east and the front yard is on the west side of the house. Its still snowing lightly but suppose to taper off. KC had almost a foot and the city was mostly shut down by noon.

    Thank you for the kudos!

    Most to post tomorrow.



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