February 2, 2013

Outside my window

This was looking at me while I was trying to watch the WV basketball game. I think this is a Vesper Sparrow. Love that snow on the beak.

Used my  70 / 300 lens so I could get a good close up shot. I like the shot but I lost the snow in the background. Still snowing and the wind is blowing. Good old winter day.

Did you notice? I put a new header up. Didn't change it much just made the striped strip longer. It didn't look balanced to me before.
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  1. Great shot! Reminds me that I need to fill the feeders!

  2. Thanks....Get those feeders filled.

  3. Observant, I'm not....now, if you'd changed the color, I might have noticed that...LOL

  4. I also put the gold line between the posts and sidebar....can't figure out how to make it wider.



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