February 18, 2013

Valentine to my Love

This is the Valentine I made for Bill....I saw something similar in the card section at the store and wanted to copy it with the Silhouette.  The white is done with a gel pen in the Silhouette and the I cut the LOVE and YOU.  It was pretty intricate cutting the white for the red LOVE and even more intricate trying to glue it on straight...as you can see, I didn't do too good of a job of that process...I then glittered up the y heart and u and attached the LOVE and heart with foam dimensionals.  The white border was done with a glue pen too but I did it by hand with a ruler....when I tried doing it on the Silhouette, it would smear when the blade was moving back into the home position.  The pen works fair but it doesn't do a really neat job with small print.  Maybe if you were doing larger print,or making a scroll or filigree, it would look great . I haven't tried that yet.

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  1. Looks great and I'm sure he loved it and felt very special.

  2. It looks much better in person....that black was hard to photograph! I wasn't happy with the way the white 'sketched' but at least I know what it will do now.




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