February 16, 2013

Valentine Treats 2013


Moving on.....these are the treats I made for Gavin's classmates.  This will probably be the last year as he moves to Junior High next year and the parties will end.  I'm going to miss doing it..

The monkey is a Silhouette cut...the bowtie is supposed to be a hair bow in the 'she' monkeys hair but I wanted it to be from Gavin, so decided to use it as a bowtie instead.  The pillow box is another Silhouette cut and the paper for it is from a digital kit called Sweet Valentine that I purchased off Etsy. The heart paper is from a digital kit called Everyone Loves Christmas and the script paper is from a kit called This and That.
I added distress ink around the monkey to give him a 'hairy' look and then glittered the hearts and bowtie.
Those tiny, tiny fingers were a bugger to attach and I debated on leaving them off.

I learned from another crafter that if you add an offset to all your cuts in the same color/pattern as the real cut and then set it to no cut, you avoid any white border that sometimes gets left if your print and cut is just a tad off....I was super glad to learn this cause I was using scissors to 'trim' up the cuts that didn't quite make the grade.

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  1. How many did you have to make?
    This are as cute as can be and you did a wonderful job. The bow tie is perfect and it wouldn't be as cute without the fingers.
    Good work Mary.

  2. Yes, I completely agree....it wouldn't have been as cute without those little fingers. I made 25 of them counting the three that I sent to the grands up north.

    Thanks for the kudo's...will post again tomorrow!

  3. 25 No wonder I haven't heard much out of you for days.
    I saw a picture on facebook of some. Looked good.

    I hate the way the post title font size jumps around when you first sign on here but can't find how to
    fix it. Have tried a couple of things but no go.

  4. I've noticed that happening but it doesn't do it all the time. I'm guessing it has something to do with the font and the size we chose for it but don't know how to fix it.

    Oh, that isn't all I've been doing....I have about 4 more items to post! LOL...like I said, I've been a busy beaver the last couple of weeks. I have a few more to make this week and hopefully I will be caught up for a week or two.

    I was going to make a card for my son-in-law this morning but the paper I purchased is taking FOREVER to be sent to me...I hate when I have to wait but I've noticed when I buy from Etsy that the downloads seem to take 24 hours....oh, well! He just might have to handle a store bought one this year!



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