November 8, 2011

Fall Fire...

I was so glad to get to see these trees transform into their beautiful Fall colors.  Most of our trees just dried up and dropped them but because I was literally pouring the water to this front yard to keep it green, the trees got to benefit from the moisture too.  They began their transformation one day last week and since we were 'finally' getting some much needed moisture, I decided it was time to get my shot.  Unfortunately, the breeze was just enough that they shot isn't sharp but at least I've captured their beautiful color.  Too bad the flowers underneath are a bit ragged...LOL...can't have it all! 

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  1. Beautiful image.
    Love the color.

    Even if we can't have everything it doesn't stop us from wanting it......LOL

  2. Thank you....going to post a few more this evening.



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