November 14, 2011

More Flash shots

Just posting this one to show my Alphauser group the wall that my flash was sitting behind.  I do like the way this lit her hair but I needed to tone the power down on the flash more. I'm learning!  On the two previous shots, the flash was sitting on a bucket in the far corner behind that wall on her left.  The wall was solid boards and I'm guessing the flash was about 6 feet away from her and 5 feet away from me but not in view of my camera. 

In this shot the flash was on a bucket behind her body but still not in sight of the camera.  She is being lit on the front from the window on my camera left and the door directly behind me.

.IInn ...
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  1. I like the light on her hair. Nice shot.

  2. We both liked the light on her hair too but I wish I'd dialed the power down more...just gave more of a hint of light instead of as much as it is.

    thank you!



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