November 8, 2011

Retirement Package!

I received this last week....the absolute, most wonderful, important, exciting package I have or ever will receive in my lifetime. In fact, it was so special, I thought it deserved to be framed and hung on this blog of our lives.  I was so excited, I couldn't wait to get home to open it up and examine it from front to back.  It's taken 39 years to see this day and there were times when I didn't think the day would ever get here.  But....on the other hand.....I can not believe how fast those years have flown by.  I had a lady postmaster tell me about 6 years ago, that the time would go by fast and would be here before I knew it but I was hesitant to believe was easy for her to say...she was retiring the next week, I still had 6 years of work!  But, if I ran into her today, I'd let her know how right she was....the time has flown.  Now....with only 7 weeks left...I'm looking forward to this next chapter in my life.  What will it hold for me? Who knows but I hope to continue learning and living life to the fullest. I'm ready to continue this book of life.

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  1. Congratuations...I so excitied for you.
    Do the HAPPY DANCE!
    What is the exact date?

    Time will move just as fast after you retire it's hard to believe that it's been over 10 years for Brent. You will also wonder how you had time to work......LOL

    Another question for you..... What color is you kitchen?

  2. The exact date of my last official day of work is Dec. 23rd. I'll be on vacation the following week and my first day as a pensioner will be Jan. 1, 2012. Course, this all hinges on the fact that I have to have my application signed and returned by Dec. if that is going to be a problem....

    In my thinking, time will move even faster. I know how fast a vacation goes by so figure when I'm on permanent vacation, life will 'fly'!

    My kitchen is green with red and blue used to be blue, then I painted the wall above the cabinets green and added tan wall paper under them that has green vines and red cherry or apple like things. I think they are cherries...LOL But, most of my main accents are from the old kitchen and they have blue in them. I have one cookie jar that sits on my counter that is a red apple and I'd love to have a red mixer...keep entering all those PW contest but I'm sure it will never happen and I don't cook enough to justify buying a 300.00 mixer.

    I can't wait to start learning new crafts from you! Seems like I never have the time now so its on the top of my list of things to do. And we really need to update this blog and I plan on contributing a lot more to it. I spent the afternoon browsing through all our entries and I really see an improvement in our shots, you, more than I, but I plan on learning the craft better.

    Have you ever looked at our entries by year? BTW...we have been doing this blog for almost 4 years come this Feb. Anyway, we posted 511 shots the first year, 191 the second, 118 the third and only 80 this year. Is that a sign we need to change things up or try a new route? What you think?

  3. Dec. 23rd what a great Christmas gift. When does Bill retire?

    The only new thing I have been doing is printables like the subway art, eye chart and the monogram. But I'm alway ready to learn something new. I may get into making card. Not sure?????

    I don't know if you noticed but I linked up to a linking party at Wipperberry so we've had a lot more visitors to the blog. No comments though. When was filling everything out to link it had a blank for name and I put Nita and wanted the name of what I was linking it made me look stupid.......Not hard to do.

    I have also been working a little on a practice blog just to see what I can learn and do. I'm not going to publish it just mess around and try to learn. I just started and only work on it in my spare time. Which I don't have enough of for some reason.

  4. Unfortunately, Bill has to go till he can draw SS. He has a small SEP that we took out while he was self-employed and he will have a small pension from his work now but not enough to retire on until he can combine it with SS. Plus, he is a year younger than I, so he has to hang onto his insurance until he can draw medicare. My insurance on us will expire when I draw medicare which would leave him uninsured for one year. I've always slammed the max in my 401K so he could retire early but never thought about the insurance problem. With his health issues, we would not be able to find insurance for him. That's what he gets for marrying an older women....LOL

    Yes, I noticed the new link icon and browsed around on it for a while this afternoon. Love her photography of the cupcakes. Saved her cake recipe to try.

  5. Isn't that the best feeling ever getting that package? Hope the next 7 weeks fly by for you. Congrats!



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