November 20, 2011

Vintage Darby

Another shot of Darby using CoffeeShop Butterscotch Vintage plus her 2020 action.  Love these actions, just wish I knew what I was doing with them.  Hopefully, come January, I can learn to use them and PS. 

These shots were taken with my Sony G and the a700...I really miss this lens and can't wait till I can get it replaced.  The insurance check came yesterday but I'm looking for a good deal on it before I purchase.  It sales for 899.99 but I found it on Amazon the other day for 850. but didn't get it ordered in time.  They only had one in stock and it sold pretty fast.


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1 comment:

  1. I checked here yesterday and you hadn't posted anything yet and forgot to check later.

    I like this one looks good. She know how to pose.



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