November 8, 2011

Just a few more Fall shots.

Just another shot of the red tree with an orton effect applied to it. 

And the last of the mums....all the other ones are faded down to tan.  I guess these were kind of sheltered from cold and frost.

I call these my yellow tears....not sure what the name of this plant is but its still hanging in there and as you can see, its still blooming.  This sets under the front porch roof, so its still living.  My begonia on the porch couldn't survive the cool nights but it hasn't seem to stunt this plant at all.

Just thought I'd add this shot too....since the very first post on this blog was of this shed and it was green, thought I would like to document the change in color.

All for now!


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  1. That tree is really red....geourous.

    Cut my mums down yesterday.

    like that plant.

    Your shed looks good red and that first post showed a nice snowfall.

  2. Yes, both of my trees in the front yard are this vibrant red in the fall....can't wait till they both get huge and the color is the talk of the town...LOL.

    Plan on cutting plants down and clearing beds as soon as my head is completely clear...hopefully the weather improves first.

    I wish I could remember what it is called. I grew it in the planter box too with the red geraniums and white summer snapdragons (not the real name) and it really grew there but required a lot of water in the sun. This one, because it was sheltered, didn't bloom as profusely as those in the planter box, but the greenery stayed much prettier. Hope I can remember to look for it next have a tendency to forget from year to year...

    Yes, I like it red too...I'll have to remember to document it in the snow...LOL...I plan on painting the new garage next Spring in the darker color of my house and then add some big, metal red stars to the front wall between the garage door and the window. We finally got the concrete pads done in front of the garage door and the entry door this fall, so the flower bed is ready to begin its transformation next Spring. Just plan on planting some perennials in it and then adding some garden art. Not sure what yet....another work in process...

    I don't think I told you this.....our garage is 3 years old now and the concrete floor cracked major this bad that we couldn't get the two entry doors open. Called the concrete guy and was a bit upset, to say the least. Come to find out, they didn't pour any footing around the edge at all. I'd love to sue! He dug down on the south side in 4 places and jacked the floor up an full inch, then poured peers underneath to hold it up. While he was there and driving in our yard (grin), I told him to go ahead and pour the pads. I think he is feeling very guilty cause we never have got a bill for the pads. He wasn't going to charge me for the repair work but I expected to pay for the pads. He also was suppose to come back and push dirt back up around the base and he never did that either. He did get that done this time. Will I recommend him? Doubt it! Even though he came back and repaired the damage, I'm sure we will have more damage since we still don't have any footing around the building. That's way, I think he's feeling guilty.
    Bill's comment was...we hired a pro cause we wanted it done right....if we wanted it done wrong, we could have done it ourselves. Ugh...



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