November 24, 2011

More of the Photo Shoot

Another shot of Darby...this one was taken in front of a white plastic fence and I liked the vintage look that I got.  The frame and vintage style are from CoffeeShop again.  This was really a cool frame.  You put the picture in the frame and it automatically gave it the vintage look.  I then followed a tutorial on her site about adding a duplicate layer of the texture and using soft light to lighten the image.  I like......

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  1. I like it too.
    She is so cute and does such a great job posing.
    I wish my Grands would do that good. I always get a fake smile. I will have to say Jessi did better the last time I snapped some.Need to take some time to do it again.

  2. Yes, she does....and enjoys every second of doing it too. She needs to be a model when she grows up..




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