November 20, 2011

No Parking

Another shot that Darby and I took...I love the texture in this big old door.  I plan on going back to this spot with her in different clothes.  I can't seem to get her to wear clothes without writing on them...LOL.  I also wished I'd angled the shot but didn't think about that till I was shooting her in front of the turquoise door.  Next time, I'm thinking a yellow/orange/brown outfit and a slight tilt to the image. 

I used CoffeeShop Texture Pak1 and her Butterscotch Vintage Action.  I don't have a clue what I'm doing with these but kind of liked how the image turned out. I'll read and play some more on her blog.  Thanks for sending me the link.

On this one, all I did was run the MCP facebook fix and then ran the Butterscotch Vintage Action. I do believe I like the last one best.  Its sharper and I like the action without the texture.


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  1. I like both of the images.
    Maybe the bottom the best but I her pose in the top one.
    I didn't download MCP facebook action I have never put any images on facebook and probably never will so didn't think I would need it.

  2. Thanks again. I liked her pose in the top one best but I seemed to have gotten a clearer shot on the bottom one.

    I've had the action for quite a while but kept forgetting to use it. I don't have many photo's posted on facebook either...mainly Darby so she can see them.

  3. I like flicker. Have you ever used it?
    Like how you can make sets.

    I just like the look on her face in the top one.
    Very cute. You need to have at least one of these made into a canvas.



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