November 13, 2011

A Vision of Beauty

Isn't she getting beautiful?  We spent the day shooting again and each time, I feel like I'm getting better at capturing her beauty.  It was a perfect high cloud day, so we didn't have to fight sunspots but did have to contend with the wind. She was happy, happy.....had to send a dozen to facebook right off the bat.

In your opinion, did I give this a slight green cast?  It had a red cast SOOC and I'm wondering if I took it too far on the green side.  I absolutely love taking pics, just hate to edit them.

We've decided that Darby is a bad luck charm....or maybe its me...or the two of us together....we had stopped right on the main drag of our small town and ran back behind a building to take a half dozen shots.  I had switched my G lens out  with my 90 mm so I wouldn't have to back up so the less than 10 mins. that we were behind the building, someone opened my back door and stole the G....I was sick, mad and pissed...all at the same time.  Mainly because it was the one time all day that I forgot to lock the door and also because it was in broad daylight, on the busiest street in town and we weren't 25 yards from the vehicle.  I'll get it replaced because I have all my equipment insured but I hate to go through the whole process...reporting to police, filing the claim and then ordering....I just want to hit the person/persons who did it or better yet, run them over!  I'm so sick of the low life's in this world....

BTW....I think what you are doing on the practice blog looks great....I can't go back in there without another invitation and all I did was look and then backed it says I have to have another invite.  But...I can't see much that I would change.  I just wish we could use the whole screen, instead of just down the middle.


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  1. I should have checked the blog before I answered your e-mail. You answered most of my question here.

    Darby is beautiful girl and you did a terrific job of capturing that beauty. I don't think it looks green.

    It can be made wider. I'll try to make you a co-author and then we can both play around on it.



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