July 7, 2011

Beauty in Nature


Just a shot I got on the 4th.  My hydrangea in the back yard has got several blooms on it but the one in the front only has a couple.  It's the bigger bush but its out in the hot sun too long and its always wilted down when I get home at night.  I keep babying it till my tree gets big enough to cast some shade on it.

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  1. Love the shot and the hydrangea.

    I have one but have never seen any blooms since I got it but this is the first year it has really grown and looked good.

  2. Thank you....this bush also, is over 10 years old and it doesn't put out very many blooms yet. I read last fall that they do much better if you do not cut them down. I was always cutting it back once it turned brown but this year I left it and the Lacecap alone and let them be. I think they did much, much better.



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