July 19, 2011

Couple Shots from the weekend...

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  1. Nice captures.
    Love that yellow flower and the birdhouse.

  2. Thanks...the birdhouse 'used' to be painted red/white/blue but the sun has faded most all the color out of it. Guess that means I've had it a year or two...LOL...

    Too hot to be outside at all today....just bumming in the house and telling myself to get with the editing of wedding pics of my nephews...Just can't get myself motivated to do it!

  3. It looks good faded.

    It's been running around 100º here for the last few days. Just had a bad storm so it's some cooler now.
    We went on a boat ride this afternoon for my 50th HS class reunion and I just about melted away. The sweat was dripping....no fun at all.
    We have a sorority cook out tomorrow night so I hope it stays cooled down. We have another class reunion next week end and the Smith family reunion (same day). If it's in the 90's I'm not going to the family one. Can't take the heat, I turn as red as a beet.

    What is the yellow flower????

  4. I tried twice to answer this yesterday but blogger was not letting me do much of anything.

    I understand completely about the sweating and heat. I'm so tired of spending my days with wet underwear on. I'm so ready for Fall.....or at least the 7o's!

    The flower is the same flower that I posted in the little vase. I think its Moss.



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