July 26, 2011

Pretty in Pink

Just a couple snaps of my perennial Hibiscus.  This one was given to me by a lady on my route and I love the deep, deep  pink color. I have had to pour the water to it this year since its fairly new to my yard but next year it will be able to handle the weather on its own.  Or, so I hope...LOL....the plant is about 5 foot tall and 3 foot around and it has tons of buds on it but only a few have bloomed out so far.  They only last a couple days but are replaced by a new bloom each time.  I also have a smaller plant with paler pink blooms but I don't like it as well.  It doesn't get enough sunlight where it is planted and I need to dig it up and transplant it but I keep forgetting until its too late to dig. 

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1 comment:

  1. This is beautiful. Wish you could give me a start.



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