July 8, 2011

Last post for today.....

A view of my house from the road.  I've got another image of the mailbox flower bed but don't have the time to work it up this am....will do it this weekend.  The Shasta Daisy and the Coneflowers are just beautiful down by the road.  I need to plant more of the coneflower as I really love it.


Please resize for me...LOL...

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  1. Nice shot.
    I have never had any luck with the daisies but I love them.
    Will resize and send you a how to.

  2. Beautiful and peaceful looking. My yard is all dirt. lol Started a major overhaul this spring, but we only had a few days (maybe 4) of spring temps. We have had more over 100 days this year than we have had since moving here. I do not do well in the heat so just have to hibernate with the AC. sigh So now I am hoping that we have some mild fall temps before we go into a freeze. Brenda

  3. Thanks, Nita!

    Thanks, Brenda.....I could never live in Texas...can't stand the heat and humidity of Missouri, so I'm sure I would die in Texas. We've been warmer than normal here but its the humidity that is killing us. I take two showers a day and within seconds of being outside, I'm completely soaked. Hate it!!! It I have one more person tell me they love summer, I'm going to go postal.....they hibernate in their AC house, drive to work in their AC car to their AC offices....might as well be winter! At least then I don't sweat...LOL

  4. I agree on the humidity but this year ours has been way down from normal. Of course it is still higher than I would like but with the drought it has really taken a downturn in %. I am the same way with the soaking wet after 10 minutes. I have been trying to do yard work early and then late, I get to sweating so bad I can not even see for the stinging sweat in my eyes. It is disgusting. I am so ready for Fall, and if we do not have one this year, like we did not last year, I might pack up and move somewhere else. Hell if I only wanted 2 seasons I would have stayed put in NV! At least it was dry there.

  5. LOL...Brenda, you NEED to move to Missouri. We have 4, and I do mean 4, complete seasons. Our Spring was beautiful this year, summer is sucking, fall is usually gorgeous and winter has been trying, to say the least, for the past 3 or 4 years. I'm retiring the end of December and have my fingers crossed that the snow holds off till after Christmas this year.

  6. I was looking back on some of our post and was shocked to see the difference 17 days makes....I posted this on July 8th and the grass was green and the flowers were beautiful...now, 17 days later, my grass is almost totally brown and the daisies and coneflowers are just brown blooms. So sad......



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