July 15, 2011

Visit to the Farmers Market

Blennerhassett Hotel Parkersburg, WV
I love fresh fruits and vegtables so we went to the farmers market this morning to stock up on some goodies. The green beans and cucumbers are just about ready in our garden. We have been eating summer squash for a couple of weeks now and the tomatoes are starting to turn (can't wait). Since I could eat nothing but vegtables for a meal it will be good eating for the rest of the summer.
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  1. Cool images and yummmy too! I had Gavin yesterday and we took in Harry Potter on Friday night and then went swimming on Sat. afternoon. Took him home last night and he sent me back with some of his pickles and Zucchini relish that he raised. Jerri Ann's beans are coming on strong...she's already canned 80 quarts and the corn is getting real close and I picked a bowl full of cherry tomatoes. They have tons of squash and cucumbers and tiny watermelons and cantaloupe. I can see me raiding the garden on my route...LOL...

    Nice shots!

  2. Oops...hit the post button before I was ready. I love the vintage tablecloth under the vegetables. Makes a really cool image!

  3. Thanks glad you like.
    Our garden is pretty small just enough for use to eat and share some with the kids.

    That tablecloth reminds me of a card that I saw this morning and wondered where she got the paper. http://www.instampingmode.com/ scroll down to the thank you card.



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