July 27, 2011

My Cozy Corner

Just a shot of my new little table and chairs and the Diamond frost.  Love this new furniture. 
I'm having trouble with my laptop when I use my Photoshop.....can't use the numeral pad or my little b...the captial B works but not the little b.  Might be cause my laptop is so full there isn't any room left for the PS to run....need to do some major housecleaning.  I think I'll buy a new huge external drive and move all my pictures to it.

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  1. I like your table. I got a new table for the sun room a couple of months ago need to post a picture for you.Looks like a nice spot for morning coffee.
    I didn't plant any diamond frost this year and I love it. I was at a friends house for a cookout the other evening and she had diamond frost and white impatiens planted together in a pot and it was beautiful.

  2. Yep, as soon as it cools down so I can SIT out there and drink my coffee, I'll be there...LOL...too hot even in the early mornings.

    I have two or three pots of the diamond frost but this is the only one by itself. I need to remember about the white impatiens or white million bells for next year.

    My regular fern was doing so well and then I think I basically killed half of it. I'm thinking I did it with fertilizer but not sure. It looks awful! I might try and re-pot it this weekend and see if that helps. My tiger fern is still doing great.

    I'll be looking for that picture of the new table.



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