July 9, 2011

The Red Door


I'm not sure what is happening to me....I've never been a red color person and look at my house!  I have to admit it through....I really like it!  It really shows up great from the road and the red flower accents it beautifully.  I know this image is crooked....I had to use the lens correction to get the door to 'stand' up and wasn't sure how to straighten it after that.  So....just tilt your head and view it...rotfl..
I've had two people stop by and tell me my house looks like it should be posted in a magazine.  I won't go that far but it does look nicer than I've ever seen it.

Off to bed!  More shots to post tomorrow, I hope.

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  1. You are on a roll now.....LOL

    Lovely image. Red for a front door is a good color.
    As much as you put into your house it should be posted in a magazine.

    Looks great.

  2. yep.....had some free time Sunday afternoon. It was way to hot to do anything outside over the weekend so Bill and I cleaned house. Got all my windows washed except for the two bedrooms...hope to get those done this weekend. I love clean windows, just hate to wash them...LOL...if I ever won the lottery, I'd have a full time maid....fresh sheets EVERY day, clean windows and no dust...LOL.

    I shot for about 15 minutes before it dawned on me that my anti shake switch was turned off so those first images were a bit fuzzy. It did feel good to have the camera in my hand again and time to use it.

    BTW....5 months, 11 more days!

    Thanks for the compliment.



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