July 27, 2011

The Pale Pink Hibiscus

Just thought I would post the pale pink hibiscus bush.  It's not nearly as big or as pretty as the hot pink one and I don't like it nearly as well but it was given to me so it gets to continue growing... 
BTW...I finally figured out a way to take shots early in the morning without my lens fogging over.  Or, should I say, some guys on the Alpha group gave me some suggestions...LOL....I warm my camera up a bit with my hair dryer and then wrap it in a warm towel before I carry it outside.  Worked like a charm...no condensation. It took about a minute to warm the towel up in the dryer and a minute to warm the camera up with the hair dryer. I was getting frustrated because I would see something I wanted to get a shot up but when I'd bring my camera outside, it would fog over and I couldn't use it for at least 30 minutes until it warmed up. 

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  1. This one is lovely but I like the darker one the best.
    Brent and I went to Cabela's in Wheeling WV yesterday and we took the scenic Ohio route 7 and I saw tons of these Hibiscus growing along the road. The light and dark pink. Just beautiful. Should have taken my camera.
    Never heard of the Alpha group.

  2. You can also see them around here in deep red and white. The deep red ones aren't handling the heat quite as well but the pinks are doing great! I saw a couple today that were covered with blooms. Mine only has 3 or 4 at a time opened up. But...it is only a couple years old so I'm hoping it gets better.

    The Alpha group is just a small group of Sony camera users. It's the same group I've been on since before I had my knee surgery and where I met 'Jack' the man that edited all those wedding pictures that I took.



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