July 17, 2011

Remember when

Brent and I went to a car show this afternoon and this was on one of the cars.
I remember when it was a special treat to go to a drive-in restaurant to eat. 
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  1. Oh, yes...how well I remember. We had three drive up restaurants in our little town. The Frost Top, the A and W and the other was a Dog and Suds. It was a treat to get to go there and of course, all were happening places for the dating crowds!
    Now, all we have is the Sonic!

    Neat shot and thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  2. Forgot!!!! Love the vintage look you gave it.

  3. I loved A & W root beer and hot dogs.

    Glad you like my post.

  4. The only building not there anymore is the Dog and Suds....the A & W is still standing but is only used for storage and the Frost Top is now an insurance office. We used to go to the Frost Top for their Lota Burgers...yummmmmm
    I don't believe kids know what they are missing nowadays!



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