July 4, 2011

Lazy...Hazy 4th of July

Hope your 4th has been better than ours. Nothing going on, kids out of town or working. It's been a rainy gloomy day. Walked out back a few minutes ago and snapped this.
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  1. Love this pic. The old weathered birdhouse is gorgeous.And I really wish I could say it was rainy here. The heat has been almost unbearable for me this year and the drought continues.
    Our 4th is about as exciting as yours. lol We decided it was to hot for us to go watch the kids do fireworks. So we have spent the entire day inside with the AC keeping us from heat exhaustion.

  2. Thanks Brenda....Brent made this birdhouse for me maybe 10 years ago and it's been in the flower bed summer and winter every since.
    It's hot here but not to bad but we've had so much rain. Everything is nice and green now. I know it's going to stop and dry up then we will want more rain. Never ending story.
    Good to hear from you!

  3. Well you must have sent some rain our way. lol We had a good downpour for about an hour. And boy do we need it and lots more. Might know that it would happen right at the set starting time for the city fireworks display so it was delayed for about 2 hours because of the lightning and rain. But I doubt anyone complained about it.

  4. Thanks Mary.

    Brenda....I didn't send it all to you. We've had a little rain every day.



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