April 14, 2009

Learning the a700

Can you believe this? Two post in one day? I have been reading my new ebook on using the a700 by Gary Friedman and learned this today and I'm so happy cause I can finally make sense of this metering stuff. You would not believe how hard that was for me to comprehend. And I was really excited to know I had a special button to lock that exposure cause no matter how I tried, I could not hold the AEL button in, half click the shutter button to lock focus AND recompose all at the same time. My fingers just couldn't do that! The only thing I used on this layout was the background from Christy Lyle and the flower stamp by Michelle Shefveland from Cottage Arts.
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  1. We must of been posting at the same time. This post wasn't here when I did my Post 286.

  2. I think we were..I knew you were on cause I had to sign in with my user name and password. I don't usually have to do that unless you are online too. When I started my post, you had the 284 posted but not the 286...but as mine posted, yours came in too.



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