April 24, 2009

Time Train

I debated and debated about even posting this. I hated to move your beautiful layout down. This is just some more of my musing...I'm afraid of what goes on in my mind, sometimes.
The background is from Becky Vosburg and Daniella Young. The post card is from Blyth Evans and the stick pin, file strap and tag are from Dana Zarling. The flower and button are from Katie Pertiet.
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  1. Nice layout Mary. It's different but interesting at the same time.

  2. I must have been in a melancholy mood...I hate the way things look on the web...Such as the notebook paper on my Chanticleer Pear post...it was yellow when I was designing it but it looks green on here. And my photos don't look as nice and the Time Train post is way darker than when I designed it. I guess I need to start using web safe colors. I was trying to work on my B/W photo for the PP course but still don't have anything I want to send in. I need to get that finished, since they are putting a time limit on it now. Luckily, we joined as charter members and we have 3 more years to complete the course. Wonder if I can get it done by then? LOL

  3. Mine all look the same on here as they do when I'm doing them. I have never noticed any color change.
    I'm not sure but maybe if the background wasn't so dark and it has a lot of angles. Maybe if the red was straight. I don't know....I change my layouts over and over and still don't like them some of the time.
    Maybe I'm missing something. What is a time train? Also you say you know he was a Father are you sure he wasn't a priest? Just a thought.

  4. You could be right...that thought never crossed my mind. Now its really got me to thinking....not a good idea! So, he probably had no kids and no wife..hummm....still not very old to die.
    I was dwelling on death....in my mind we are all passengers on the time train. It keeps going but the passengers get off, never to get on again.
    I'm sending you my jpg of the Chanticleer Pear. See if the color isn't different to you from the post on the blog,



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