April 3, 2009

Web Site Makeover

Well, its done and it looks so nice and clean. I followed two tutorials to make this design. The first tutorial was a free one by an absolutely wonderful gal called Amanda. She has a super cool site with a free kit to go along with this tutorial. Check her out! She also has a recipe site that is outstanding. I'm a visual person and having photos of every step in the recipe process is the absolute best. We didn't keep her design because we both like our layouts clean and simple but I hope to use some of her stuff in a layout soon. The second tutorial was one I bought, along with the html code and kits. Melisa was super nice to help me over a snag I was having but it wasn't because her instructions were wrong, it was strickly because I didn't quite get the unzip process done correctly. Once I realized the problem, the instructions talked me through every step in the design. Melisa sells her design and code at Scrap Orchard under PixelGeek Designs and the graphics were created by Kami of Ziggle Design. The only thing we changed was the background image and thanks to Amanda's tutorial, we were able to change it in the code. We wanted a much softer look. We want to take this time to thank too super cool gals for their help and their abilites and their unselfish act of helping two clueless women venture into the world of html code. We couldn't have done it without them.
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