April 3, 2009

Post 279

This is my attempt to save & use this cute shot of Jessi that I almost ruined by punching instead of squeezing the shutter button. Everything is from TaylorMade Designs at OScraps except the little white frames. I did sort of a scraplift from a layout that was entered in TaylorMade Designer Spotlight Challenge at OScraps.
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  1. I think you did a great job of saving this image. Just another good reason to not hit the delete key too quickly. So you are grammy...I'm granny to Gavin, Grandma to Jackson and used to be Gumpy to Amanda and Bella. They don't use that as much anymore. Brings back fond memories...I called my grandma, Banka. No one new why..but mom would say, "Mary, say grand, and I'd say grand, then say 'ma' and I'd say ma...then say "grandma" and I'd say Banka! I need to scrapbook that with banka's photo!



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