April 2, 2009

Pure Heaven

Jerri Ann got me started on these and I really look forward to having one. In fact, it was really hard to take a shot of it first. It is so creamy. Gavin loves them too but mommy says they are too expensive to buy for him...she saves them for herself. I got on the scales this am...was really dreading it but I've only gain .4 of a pound. Not bad, considering I don't get off the couch more than 4 times a day and that is only for a trip to the bathroom or to grab one of these..
I finally figured out how to use my gray card. I shot the bar first, then I laid the gray card on top on the bar and shot it again. I opened both of the raw files up in my raw program and used the eye dropper tool to set the white balance on the photo of the gray card. I then copied my settings and then opened the shot of the chocolate bar and copied the settings. Presto....perfect white balance.
The paper and elements are from Nitwit collections.
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  1. Don't want any chocolate bars but I love WW ice cream bars and try to have one as a snack in the evening. Not to much chocolate on them.
    Nice tut on using the gray card.

  2. Thanks, Nita. I'll have to try some more of these bars. I sure like these.



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