April 14, 2009

Post 285

Here it is........One of our cake pops. It's raining here today so it's not the best picture. I bounced my flash off of my reflector to throw the light onto the egg & the Easter grass.
Inked overlay not sure, other overlay and stitching from OScraps, word art by TaylorMade at OScraps, staple from Shabby Princess, the frame tag by me.
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  1. I think you did great with the lollipops! They are cute as the dickens. How did they taste? I'm going to attempt them when the grands are here this summer. I think they will love decorating them. Bella's birthday is during that time so we can make them for her. I love the tag...how do you give it the aged color look? I've tried doing that but it never looks old.

  2. I selected the frame and then used a large soft brush in a darker color and ran it around the edge.



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