April 26, 2009

Post 289

Another shot of the Lilacs.
Background Fei-Fei's stuff. Tag template NRJ-ScrapArtist the rest of the tag by me. Word art
on the tag-TaylorMade. Flower-DDE. The gem in center of flower and stitching -SP.
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  1. I was wrong...we do have some lilacs in bloom. My only lilac is the little Miss Kim and it won't bloom for another couple of weeks but I noticed some when we went to the grocery store this morning. I get my car back tomorrow evening and maybe I can drive the country side and find me some. I love the smell!

    This is another beautiful layout. I think you should REALLY consider having these printed off into a book. You and your friends and family would enjoy looking at it. Even that quickie one that I had made is special to me...I love looking at it. Someday...I hope my great grandkids will look at it and know a grandmother that they might not ever meet.



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