April 5, 2009

Post 281

This will probably be my last layout for awhile. Have a full week coming up and won't have time to be lazy.
Found this clematis & birdhouse photo from last summer and played around with Pioneer Woman's actions. From left to right 1- soft & faded 2 - colorized 3 - vintage. Not sure which I like the best, it would just depend on the photo but they are fun to play with.
Frame by TaylorMade mere modesty kit from OScraps.
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  1. I really like that paint look behind the frames. I can never get it to look good. As to the photos, I don't know which one I prefer either. I kind of like the colorized one and the vintage is pretty cool. Not sure about the soft & faded. Maybe if I saw it on a bigger image. I don't know...but the layout is really cool.

  2. Thanks.
    I like that look too.
    The soft & faded looked better before I resized and sharpened for the web.

  3. Forgot to say that I didn't do the paint behind the frame on this one it came with the frame.
    I did the paint storkes on
    Post 280.



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