April 27, 2009

Spring Rains 2009

As you can see..its been raining here again. We've got almost 3 inches this weekend. Bill did get the front yard mowed last evening between the two rain storms. He was beginning to think he wasn't going to get it done and we would have had to bale it by next weekend. I hate the drab days but it means Bill gets to come home early. He needed a break from the 12 hour days so I'm glad. I think I will fix some pork chops for supper.
Everything from Gina Cabrera's Snap Shot of Spring kit. I love this one!
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  1. Great layout,Mary. Interesting photos.
    I like this kit too.

  2. Thank you...I was trying to show it was raining and then it wasn't but it really was...I just changed the focus off the raindrops to the outdoors to make it look like the rain had quit.



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