April 24, 2009

Post 287

I have been working on this layout for several days and have stopped and started dozens of times. It's a shot of Jessi that Vickie took when they were here for Easter.
Background paper from DDE. The green & white dot paper I made and added a texture overlay from Scrap Orchard. The word art from TaylorMade. The frame from Scrapbook Graphics. The flower stamp from DDE's new kit Spring Bloomers. The journal date from The Digi Chick. The ladybug is a brush that I drew. I used a brush from Fei-Fei's stuff to fill in the pink on the it and the flower. I have looked and looked for the stitching and can't find it in my files I know it's there someplace but where I don't know. I will find it someday and correct this. I will learn someday to name layers as I go. I did change the color of it.
I don't think I forgot anything.
Found the stitching......It's by TaylorMade.
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  1. BEAUTIFUL! Both Jessie and the layout. Vicki did a great job with the camera. I love the lady bugs....and the green paper. You will tell me how to do that, right? I've always wanting a certain color dotted paper and I search for hours to find one...and here all I needed to do was email you...LOL..Love everything about this layout. Perfect. I love that journally tag too. Well, hell, I just love it all.

  2. Thanks...Yes I will tell you....LOL



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