April 9, 2009

Post 283

Just playing around. You have seen some of these photos before.
The background overlay from OScraps a couple papers and stitch from Shabby Princes the rest
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  1. Looks great! I love your stamp frame. And the image of your pink tulips is awesome. I like how you place them in front of the window and included the back of the chair. Lovely image.

  2. Thanks the stamp frame is the one I made and sent to you. That's a pillow on the couch in front of the tulips. You did comment on the bunny in the lower right square. I'm finding it a little easier to draw in PS but it's something that I will never do a lot of.

  3. I first thought you had made it and then I thought you got it with the stuff from Shabby Princess. I should have known better. You are doing good with your drawings. I still can't figure out how to draw a straight line. I thought this was the frame you made. I'm going to use it, someday...it just takes me forever to figure out how to fill all those spaces easily. I'm working up a post...putting the finishing touches on it now.

  4. Forgot to ask...what is the carrots made out of? Looks like some kind of cording.

  5. I almost didn't see your question. I'm not sure what they are made out of I just looked at them and I can see the wire inside and it looks like it's wrapped with something like florist tape. I've had them for a long time. Can't even remember were I got them. Probably Joann's.

  6. Interesting...Wonder is I could make something like this? We need a way to get notified when a comment is posted cause I miss them sometimes too. I just happened to be looking at the old entries and noticed the extra comment. I like those carrots.
    Maybe when I retire, I'll start decorating a bit for the holidays. I just don't do anything now except for Christmas and I'm not sure why I do it then cause no one sees it but me and Bill, Jerri Ann and her bunch and that's about it. Once in a great while the kids from Chicago make it here for Christmas. They haven't been here since Bella was 2. The disadvantages of coming from a divorce family....too many parents to go to.



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