April 4, 2009

Post 280

Did a lot of playing with this one.
First I used Pioneer Woman's soft & faded action on the photo. I really like this look and I will probably use it a lot more. Next I used Fei-Fei's Stuff crazy beauty brush from OScraps to give it that painted look,and her doodle brush just for a little extra. The flower is by Irene Alexeeva from the Birthday Blog train at Scrap Orchard. I changed the color of it to match the reflection of the TV on the glass table in the photo. I also drew the leaf to go behind it and added a dot of color to the center. Used the Linen texture from Atomic Cupcake on the background.
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  1. I did not comment on this last night cause we were getting ready to head out the door and I wanting to really look at it more. It's simply beautiful. I love your leaf and you shadowed it perfectly. Looks like a real flower sitting on the page. I haven't looked at PW's actions yet, still browsing her recipes..LOL. I love everything about this. I get ready to do a layout and can never think of using all this stuff. My mind just doesn't comprehend all of it. Your work is so beautiful and you put so much of yourself in all of them.

  2. Thanks Mary.
    I wish the ideas were all mine but that I'm not good at.



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