April 2, 2009

Post 278

When Zach came in from school today he decided to start his art portfolio. For only being in the 3rd grade I think he is showing amazing talent. What is remarkable is the way he draws most of the time. He may start with an ear or maybe a foot and draws it all from memory.
Of course right now Sonic is his favorite but he may move on to something else next week.
Background by Taylormade, staple from SP and ink spots DDE.

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  1. Totally cool Zach! You are one awesome artist. I'm really, really impressed. You got your granny's talent. Keep it up, young man!
    Great layout, Nita. The ink spots are perfect for this layout and I like your word art.

  2. I not very good at word art but I would like to learn. I can never think of anyting to say.



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