April 14, 2009

Post 286

Easter Egg Hunt.......
I used paper from DDE Zoom kit, a mask from Jessica Sprague and resized and then did a bunch of erasing with a distress brush of K. Pertiet. The brads are mine with a color change.
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  1. I can tell that your grands will always love their memories of your house. They look like they are having so much fun. I was so looking forward to having an Easter Egg hunt with the kids this year. Oh, well....maybe another year. I hate the fact that our kids live so far away. Even Gavin is an hour away but that's a whole lot better than 8 hours away. Wonderful layout..I'm not sure how you did it yet but going to practice it as soon as I figure it out. LOL

  2. I can help,just let me know what you want to know.
    One or two of the papers from DDE didn't have the random stitching on them so I took it off of one and added it to the others.
    I saw a layout like this and someone was asking how to do it but she couldn't remember where she saw the page so I don't know who it a scraplift from.



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