April 25, 2009

Post 288

My attempt at Raw. I metered off of the white background and took the shot then took a shot with the gray card to set the white balance. Since I metered off of the white my setting were pretty close. I did some more tweaking in PS to get it the way I wanted it. I wish both white pieces of paper that I used when taking the photo looked the same, but they don't.

The staple is from Shabby Princess. The background is from week 1 of 52 week inspiration by Sue Cummings-OScraps and the color block and word art brush work from week 13. I'm starting to like the inspiration kits the more I look at them. The frame I did.
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  1. I'm am so proud of you, Nita! You did great and this image is awesome. I don't care that the whites are different because it adds to the photo. To me, if you had all the same colors of white, it would look like the vase and bird were suspended in air.
    Now, I can not believe you are picking lilacs! Not fair!

    This is a great layout...I've checked on a few of those inspiration things but didn't look very long. I guess I just can't see the finished product with them until after its done.

  2. Thanks. I really liked it. I'm thinking that I need to get a book printed with my still life shots.
    Yes, I'm picking lilacs. I don't know what kind this is but it's a darker color than most lilacs.I like the darker in a picture but on the bush the color doesn't stand out as much.

  3. I've been telling you all along that you need to get these printed up in a coffee table book. Artcows has a special on them right now but not sure if you can just upload your layouts to their books or not. I know Shutterfly will let you.

  4. I'm going to check that out. Vickie used Shutterfly to do her
    Disney book and it turned out so good.



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