April 13, 2009

Post 284

What a week end. It was nonstop chaos from Saturday morning until about 8:00 Sunday evening. We had egg hunts. Yes,that's plural,we had at least 3. Made Easter Egg cake pops from Bakerella's web site. We cooked and ate. Went to my Sisters for Sunday dinner and stopped by to visit Grandma on the way home and the Grands still found time to just play out back. I was so tired I didn't get the kitchen all cleaned up until today.
I probably will not post a photo of the cake pops, they are pretty sad looking.
We had so much fun making then and laughed ourselves silly,but we need a lot more practice. I don't think we will ever get any that look as good as Bakerella's even if we practice for years.
I had some trouble finding all the right supplies,which I think would have made it easier but they do taste good (sweet) and the fun we had made it worth all the mess. I will differently try these again. Maybe the reindeer for Christmas, they are so cute. Oh, what the heck....you will see our sad eggs in the next post. Something for you to look forward to....LOL
Wanted you to see the name photo that I found time to finished for Vick. We really like the way it turned out and she picked all the letters from your photos. I did add a texture to the L's to make them rustic looking to match the rest of the letters and I had to do a different crop and some clone work on the R to get it to print 4 x 6 and not lose the flower in your shot. She loves it and took it home to hang on her wall. I can't wait to make a couple more.
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  1. Oh that looks so cool....I love how it turned out. I've got to get started on mine. I said I was going to do it last year for the girls for Christmas...didn't get it done. I guess I need to find the frames first and get them bought. That way I have no excuse for getting them done. I'm glad you got a picture of it. Now where are those lolipops?

  2. I still need to send my letters to you.
    You will see them before the day is done.

  3. Yes, you do....I have some of your letters but not all of them. I did a search online for some frames but didn't have much luck. I could get by with this frame for me and Greg's but Jerri Ann's would have to be 7 spaces.

  4. Just thought of something! Wonder how it would look if they were all in separate frames? Probably not as good...



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